The Reason You Don’t Study Astrology

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We are a civilization caught between the influence of what you term “Free Will” and God (whoever you view as God). However, the influence of anything else puts us in the realm of science fiction and fiction. To think that Mars is influencing your desire to compete with other or charging your sexual desire? That’s silly talk right? But my question to you is; How do you know it’s NOT influencing these things?


Picture the conversation.


I can make this section a post of its very own. But let’s just look at this conceptually. Let’s look at two sections; one from the Bible and one from the Quran.


Part of the reason that people such as Neil deGrasse Tyson or Bill Nye make it a point to trash astrology is because they want to separate astrology from “real” science. Dang, sort of like religion. Bill Nye has gone as far as to call it a “pseudo-science.” I’ve certainly referred to astrology as a science. Here’s an Oxford definition of the word science:



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