The Reason You Don’t Study Astrology

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Nature and the Cosmos are one and the same.

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“Oh, you believe in astrology??” I’ve heard that many times. There’s nothing to believe. There’s nothing for me to apply my faith to and subsequent conviction. I don’t BELIEVE water is wet. It is. You need only study why. Even if the average person doesn’t study astronomy, they acknowledge it. Shoot, they probably even had a middle school or high school course in it. But for some reason, when it comes to actual astrology, the average person turns up their nose. Astronomy is the study of the celestial bodies above us and their movement. Astrology is the study of those same movements and how they influence us on Earth. Still not interested in learning astrology?? Let’s find out why. Let’s dig in!!

Public Opinion

We are a civilization caught between the influence of what you term “Free Will” and God (whoever you view as God). However, the influence of anything else puts us in the realm of science fiction and fiction. To think that Mars is influencing your desire to compete with other or charging your sexual desire? That’s silly talk right? But my question to you is; How do you know it’s NOT influencing these things?

You can lift your eyes to the sky on a good night and SEE Mars in whatever sign it’s traversing. I cannot see your Will, nor your God. Although, I can make the case that Mars is God’s creation. I digress. My point is that it’s socially acceptable to be influenced by music, the news, a novel, the neighbor, your high school teacher, or a slight by your basketball coach that caused you to practice harder and longer. But to imagine that an aspect between Neptune and Mercury is making your thinking cloudy is irrational and baseless. Crazy talk, right?


Picture the conversation.

Mom — “Son, are you coming over for dinner tonight?”

Me — “No, I have a couple personal transits that I’m trying to take advantage of so I’m going to stay in tonight and call up some old friends and catch up a bit.”


Astrology is many things. It’s a psychology, art form, language, science, as well as a natural system that’s been here for longer than history can record. But your perspective doesn’t have to touch on those angles. Just understand that the movement of the planets is influencing you just as the movement of our own Moon and Sun does. Sun goes down and you get sleepy at times. Sun comes up and you feel like moving around a bit. It’s deeper then that, but you can get catch my drift.

Family has a big influence on people’s lives, whether it is immediate or extended family. Not being in harmony with the themes of your family values can be difficult. If your family normally eats a traditional southern cuisine and you decide to be a vegan, odd conversations will be had! LMFAO! If you have an orthodox catholic family upbringing and you’re heavily into astrology, this could make for interesting Thanksgiving dinner convos. Which leads me to ….


I can make this section a post of its very own. But let’s just look at this conceptually. Let’s look at two sections; one from the Bible and one from the Quran.

Isaiah 47:13–15, New International Version
13 All the counsel you have received has only worn you out!
Let your astrologers come forward,
those stargazers who make predictions month by month,
let them save you from what is coming upon you.
14 Surely they are like stubble;
the fire will burn them up.
They cannot even save themselves
from the power of the flame.
These are not coals for warmth;
this is not a fire to sit by.
15 That is all they are to you —
these you have dealt with
and labored with since childhood.
All of them go on in their error;
there is not one that can save you.

Hajj Verse 18
“Do you not see that Allah is He, Who obeys whoever is in the heavens and whoever is in the earth, and the sun and the moon and the stars, and the mountains and the trees, and the animals and many of the people; and many there are against whom chastisement has become necessary; and whomsoever Allah abases, there is none who can make him honorable; surely Allah does what He pleases.”

The Abrahamic religions do not look highly on astrologers or those that follow the stars. This makes sense. Religions are a created system. Going outside the system that was created is prohibited, for any reason. The concept is that God/Jehovah/Allah/Jesus/Yahweh answers all your prayers and questions so there’s no need to consult the “stars.” But, alas, those in power cannot control the stars (and their influence) nor create a narrative around them. Believe what you Will.


Part of the reason that people such as Neil deGrasse Tyson or Bill Nye make it a point to trash astrology is because they want to separate astrology from “real” science. Dang, sort of like religion. Bill Nye has gone as far as to call it a “pseudo-science.” I’ve certainly referred to astrology as a science. Here’s an Oxford definition of the word science:

the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

Um, I would call astrology a science as well. Believe it or not, there’s a bunch of math involved in astrology too. LOL. It seems the Intellectual would say science is pre-disposed to what you can be taught in school by scientific teachers. Anything outside of that is pseudo-science, right, Mr. Nye? I can’t be self-taught, right?? Science is just too big a topic, right???

Conclusion — I’m not making a case for anyone to study astrology. I’m pointing at the reasons why you may shy away from it. If none of these reasons apply to you and you just aren’t interested, that’s great. I’m sure you didn’t celebrate and put on your solar eclipse sun glasses August 21st, 2017 when the solar eclipse was visible in America either. I’m sure you paid zero attention to that and you weren’t “excited.” I’m definitely sure you don’t celebrate your Solar Return (birthday) each year with cake and ice cream or a night out on the town.



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